Jade Strong

I have been working as a professional Intuitive, Spiritual Healer, Clairvoyant and Higher Self Channel since 1997. I am a wife and mother.  When I am not healing clients and their homes or teaching Metaphysics, I am at the ocean or healing the environment.

I was lucky to come from a spiritual household where past lives and karma were openly discussed. And had always felt a pull towards the healing arts and yearned to develop psychically and to know what was beyond the veil from a young age.

Amongst numerous studies, some include shiatsu and remedial massage, crystal healing, feng shui, vibrational essences, and interior design, I attained a Diploma of Parapsychology through AAAP, where I  connected to my Guardian Angel. The non physical immortal part of myself which has a higher resonance and allows me insight and to bring in more consciousness and awareness for not only myself and others but also for our environment. And which I continue to evolve everyday.

The way I work has evolved over the years, as has my ability and motivation for healing. As once I had a deep desire to help people feel better, now I find myself humbled to be able to do what I do for others as part of the necessary step change our world is experiencing right now.

I enjoy and thank all those whom I work with. Reading for you offers me greater clarity and understanding of life, the world, creation and spirit. Which is what I have always truly desired. I am truly blessed. Thank you.



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