Case Study

One of my long term clients Lauren, has graciously volunteered to share some of her experiences of her sessions with me, as she has kept a journal, and  I generally don’t retain much information from a channelling session. Although I see people who have experienced trauma and hardship, Lauren, like most, faces day to day challenges and has benefitted by Intuitive Energy Healing.

Jade aligned me to my soul mate.  She described him as someone who flies around on business. She also indicated that he is a mover and shaker but I may not notice this as first. I have now met a lovely guy who is the exact as Jade described.

I would receive a flood of emails from dodgey men whilst trying to find a partner on the online dating sites. I mentioned this to Jade. Jade indicated that she could put an energetic filter on my site so only serious men, who were looking for a partner would connect with me. In days the emails that I received dropped from over 50 to 3. Seven years on, one of the three men is my spouse.

I sometimes get stuck, and find it difficult to progress, particularly in areas of career and relationships, feeling that I am restricted or bound from moving forward. Jade was able to explain what she could see that in a past life I was in a dark dungeon, tied and bound, with no way out. She indicated that given how hairy, smelly and dirty I was, I had been in the dungeon for a long time. Jade cleared this past life.  Within the week I noted that I felt fabulously free, and opportunities to move into a new job were presented to me. I also feel so much lighter and happier.

I asked for Jade’s help in completing my thesis. This was a year long project, one which you could get very bogged down into. Jade indicated that if I had the document professionally edited, it would improve my marks by around 10%.  After submitting my ‘edited’ thesis, I received my results together with a note to say that given the professors had considered that the thesis was on the boarder of 2 awards, they had increased my marks (by around 10%) to give me the higher award.

Jade has predicted the amount of salary increases, (not just one) but several increases over the years. Jade has also assisted in preparing me for meetings in regard to salary reviews, and has successfully predicted the outcome of promotions and when I would attain certain roles.

I spoke to Jade in regard to purchasing a car. Jade successfully predicted the colour, price, quality and the time period in which I would find the car.

In decorating my home, I asked for Jade’s advice. It took a little while to complete the decorations, such that during the process, I forgot about what Jade had indicated. It was only sometime later, after going back to my notes on the session, I noted that Jade had predicted the colour schemes of the bedrooms and the lounge room including the walls and bedspread.

Jade has helped me declutter my home by sending me crystals ( prehnite ) which I could place in certain areas where she advised. Around a week after placing these crystals I had the motivation and energy to clean, declutter and organise. Following this shift, Jade has helped feng shui my home. Being at home is now so comfortable and supportive. I also feel more inclined to ensure that my home is maintained.

Jade has indicated in advance, shifts that were about to occur in my life, including my approach to how I viewed life, my style would become more elegant and the difference in relationships. By way of example, in my personal relationship with my partner, she indicated in advance when we would both start working as a couple. I noted shifts in my partner in his approach to me, consistent with what Jade had indicated. I have noted that I am feeling more calm and confident.

I have such difficulty buying clothes as I am a size 6. Jade has assisted by aligning me with a shopping angel and highlighting in advance what I would find, including shoes, colours and styles of clothes, and the appropriate shops where I would find these items. True to her words, I have located these items. She has even indicated that on a trip overseas that I would find lots of shoes and I came home with 5 pairs!

In January Jade indicated that the month of March would be very big career wise.  In the second week of February I received 3 telephone calls from various head hunters asking me to attend interviews for several roles. I have now received 2 job offers and have not had to search for those roles myself.

I work in a very competitive environment. Jade has successfully described the dynamics at work, including individual personalities.  She has also indicated when individuals would leave the company, and how others would behave without even meeting them. Jade’s knowledge and advice has helped me not to become involved in the competitive behaviour of others.

During the sessions Jade has often been able to see past lives which have relevance and add meaning to a current situation in my life. When examining whether to have children, Jade noted that she could see that in one of my past lives I was very poor with lots of children, and as a result could not afford to keep the children. This explained why in my current life I want to ensure that I am financially ok, prior to having children. In another life, she noted that I could not have children, and my husband, feeling disappointed, had children and fell in love with a person from a lower class. This explains why I want to ensure that my relationship is solid prior to even raising the possibility of having children with my partner.

Jade assisted me in improving my relationships with my husband’s family. After giving advice on how to deal with certain situations, Jade healed circumstances around my husband’s sister. After a year of her trying to dominate and be the women of our house, this behaviour ceased. Having that knowledge enabled me to cope with the relationship in the interim.  I now have an equal and respectful relationship with my husband’s sister.

Jade healed issues around my relationship with my daughter-in-law and predicted she would start to respect me and told me to wear good shoes. Within a week of the session, my daughter-in-law, leaving the house after an unexpected visit, turned and stated ‘I love your shoes’. Our relationship has also improved. This is tactile evidence of Jade’s power to not only see future events, but to heal situations.

I called Jade to see if she could assist in helping clearing a medical issue which had gone on for weeks. Jade did not portray herself as a medical practitioner but was able to identify and send healing to the infection, and also indicate when it would return to normal. Jade could also identify what nutrients my body was lacking, and propose a more suitable diet.

I have also had sessions with to Jade when I have had low energy. She has been able to review my diet and exercise routine and suggest healthier alternatives based on what my body is lacking. In one session for example, I explained I would get tired in the afternoon. She indicated that I needed to reduce my sugar intake (I hadn’t told her about my daily afternoon chocolate fix) and to eat for lunch additional protein, salads and at that time needed specific vegetables (broccoli and beetroot), to take spirulina and certain cell salts. My energy and concentration increased.

I still continue the salads and spirulina on a daily basis and feel much lighter and energised for it.

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