In an Energy Healing consultation

In a consultation

All one hour consultations are long distant, taken place via skype or phone conveniently in the comfort of your own home. As time and space are not a constraint in any way, this is an extremely efficient way of working and can be done from anywhere in the world.

We will discuss areas you are wanting to change within you and your life. And as I hold the space open to channel my Higher self, healing energy is downloaded into your auric field. And directed to where it is needed ie mind body or emotion.

As negativity is cleared from your aura, you will release your stress. High vibrational energy will then balance, repair and upgrade your entire energy system. In this supportive environment you may see more clearly that your situation is more manageable as we open you up to your spiritual self.

As we chat I will be shown clairvoyantly where there may be disruptions and blockages in the energy field. Insight into why it has manifested and guidance as to best ways to manage this are then offered.

Healing programs will be set up in your aura for you to be downloaded throughout the next few weeks. Regular sessions generally result in overall enthusiasm for life and a sense of your core self meeting your higher self

Included in the fee, you will be sent a bottle of healing vibrational essences prescribed and made up for your individual requirements. In some instances you may need a second blend of just a few specific essences to hone in on and shift a particular issue. Crystals may be suggested for you to work with also which we will open and align to you.

Crystals and essences will be sent in the post to you the following day.

Please be aware that sometimes you may start to feel a little better at the time of booking your appointment. Spirit will generally set up healing for you at this time. It may relieve you of your symptoms momentarily as you start to shift. The major healing will commence during the appointment.

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