Karmic healing irons out patterns and cycles that are no longer useful to us. It can reduce our workload and set us up in a more direct route toward our destiny.

        When is Karmic healing is required?

  • When we are stuck in an ongoing cycle
  • When we are stagnant in some area of life
  • When we are repeating our mistakes
  • When we are compassionate enough to take on another’s karma
  • Revisiting old contracts
  • The removal of curses

Karma is not a credit system whereby if you are ‘good’ in this life you will have a better afterlife. Nor is it that old adage ‘what you do to others you can expect back next life’.

Karma is lessons in love. It is offered by Prime Creator to help us learn who we are and what we are capable of. Most of us have lived many lives in many ways and experienced many things. By offering us a diverse smorgasbord of experiences, Karma poses the opportunity to become a well rounded evolved soul as opposed to an ‘old soul’ where we keep doing the same things the same way. How we grow through these challenges defines and adds to our soul’s repertoire.

        Karma says

  • There is no good no bad
  • There is no right no wrong
  • There is choice and there is experience.
  • This leads us to the evolution of the Soul
  • To evolve Self is to evolve the world
  • Which in turn and therefore evolves Prime Creator


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