When to have an Crystal Feng Shui consultation

When to have an Energy Feng Shui consultation

Anytime is a great time to have a Crystal Feng Shui consultation. However it is essential when moving into a new house to clear the energy of the space. You will also benefit greatly during periods of transition and upheaval using this modality.

At the end of a personal cycle Ie divorce, it will tie up all loose ends offering closure. And it will open up opportunities at the beginning of any new venture making it easier to manifest your intentions.

        Ideal time to have an Energy Feng Shui Consultation

  • Looking to sell a property
  • Moving in to a new home
  • Birth of a new baby
  • Starting of a new Business
  • Embarking on a new venture
  • Changing career paths
  • Illness
  • After a relationship breakdown
  • After a death
  • Nothing is working for you
  • When you have no direction or goals
  • Changing career paths
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