• I have worked with Jade for over 10 years. Jade is an extremely intuitive person, who is able to see what is happening not just in the physical but energetically. From our sessions I have gleaned that Jade has the ability to see into different dimensions, time space, past life’s – not just in my life, but in other people’s lives who are associated with me.

    Jade is a coach, mentor, and supporter. Above all Jade has integrity. She is insightful, honest and direct, who challenges me to grow and enjoy life to the fullest by living in my heart, doing what I enjoy and living life.

    My sessions with Jade have been invaluable to my life. I have overcome fear and blockages in many areas,  including my career and relationships.  Jade continually aligns me to the best outcome. By empowering me and having me take the lead, she helps me to discover what I really enjoy and to live that life.

    Jade is extremely intuitive, accurate, wise, honest and practical. She has been a positive influence in my life – in fact – I don’t know what I would have done without her guidance.

    Lauren (Lawyer) » Lawyer

  • Jade is a channeler of the Divine. I am a meditator of a number of years and have experienced glimpses of this divinity, however my energy healing session with Jade was one of the most intense and strongest experiences of the Higher Self. I was engulfed in a blissfulness so strong it was almost too much for my physical manifestation to bare. The effects of this session lasted many many days, like I was floating through life on a fluffy white cloud.

    Jade is a remarkable evolved being who has a wonderful talent of channeling the Divine energy through her pure system and into her clients.

    The sessions with Jade will be an important part of anyone’s spiritual growth.

    Tom Cronin (Meditation Expert) » Money Broker/ Meditation Teacher

  • After years of suffering from recurring breast cancer issues resulting a bi-lateral mastectomy, I decided it was time to figure out why I was going through this trauma and find a way to put it all behind me.

    I did a number of energy healing sessions with jade over a few months and after every session I started to feel the worry peeling away and felt like I was getting to the bottom of this issue.

    I began to figure out this had happened to me and how I could manage my future life to be free from cancer and most importantly the fear of it recurring.

    As a result, my overall energy and livelihood has lifted dramatically and I now have hope and trust in a brighter future for myself and my family.

    It’s been a huge leap forward for me on many levels and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Alissa (Graphic designer) » Graphic Designer

  • In a session Jade said the name of my soulmate sounded something like Michael Jonston. A week later I met a Michael Livingston who became my partner.

    Bella (Banker)

  • After only one session with Jade, I felt the intense heartbreak that was so overwhelming to me, become less debilitating. Enabling me to continue with my day to day life with more focus. I felt balanced and had more control of my emotions.

    Lily (Psychic Healer) » Psychic Healer

  • Having a session with Jade is like going on a weekend yoga or meditation retreat. I feel balanced and lighter, with more clarity of mind and insight into underlying issues. It has especially helped me in regard to my family by improving our understanding and connection. It has helped us to evolve.

    Anna (Midwife and yoga instructor) » Midwife and Yoga Instructor

  • Some weeks ago, Jade Strong performed a space clearing in a cafe and upstairs apartment in which I work and live. The place has a long history of mismanagement, neglect stagnation and scarcity (of funds and energy). The situation became such that we could not sustain the business any longer, however couldn’t see the best way forward.

    After the cleansing a string of unforeseen, cataclysmic events occurred, indicating that the energy had shifted and a different course of action is becoming apparent. It is as if a veil of silence has lifted and allowed more realistic, practical and grounded conversation to occur. I believe this will improve the path we choose from here – whatever that may be. 1000 thankyous Jade, for your commitment to healing and helpful nature.

    Rachael (Business Owner) » Business Owner

  • Wow – how lucky and blessed to have been given the privilege to meet the Amazing,
    Awesome, Spiritual lady Jade Strong and to have Jade come to my Hairdressing Salon
    and to do Feng Shui with Crystals.

    My staff and clients have all being commenting and asking me if I have done anything different in the salon???
    Which is great that they can feel the difference ,the air feels clearer ,tranquil and more humble and lots more peace and love flowing around.

    We now love coming to work even more then before as we now feel save and trust that the beautiful crystals will work with us and we will have great happy days.

    Samantha (Business Owner) » Business Owner

  • I feel I have been truly blessed in being led to experience the power and beauty of the Essences of the Goddess and the Akhbaka Elixers.

    I have, it seems, spent my whole life working to undo the effects of deep trauma. I can honestly say since finding this pathwayI have made a giant leap forward to reconnect with My  Self and the true reason for my existence on this planet.

    The personal blends I receive in consultation with Jade do have and continue to make a profound difference to my sense of well Being. They are essential to the balance of my every day experience. I believe i am now a more grounded being (something which I have hitherto resisted).

    The gentle interaction I have had with Jade and her ability to access this power over the last 2 years has transformed me. Body tension has eased up remarkably over this time. I will not be trying any other means on my path to enlightenment.

    Through Jade and the easy, simple use of the essences and elixers I find myself growing spiritually to a place I‘ve innately known I should be. I cannot see myself searching further.



    J (Olympic Champion)

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